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Web Design with style

When I'm designing a website, I've got two main things in mind. I want the design to look good and I want to make sure that the content is good. If the design is shoddy, even with the most compelling content in the world, people are likely to click away. The question that's been around ever since web design started is this - Which is more important? design or content? - well both are equally important.

Take the site we with helped with at Freelance SEO . What you've got there is some nice graphics and a simple colour scheme (black, shades of grey, purple and white). But the graphics don't detract from the content rather they enhance the content by making you want to stay on the site.

Sometimes people want to add all sorts of flashing images to their site thinking that it makes it look more professional. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Too much action on the page again causes people to click away. It also distracts them from the content which is the very thing you want them to see.

Flash is a great tool for making images that move. But it's important that it's used tastefully and with style. You can get a great looking site if you have some stunning images that fade in to one another. In these cases it's good to make the transitions very gradual. In the early days of Flash it was quite common for people to use a Flash intro screen. These were a bad idea, and mercifully are a lot less common now. The downsides of using a Flash intro were that they were bad for SEO (search engines couldn't read them) and that people just plain didn't like the inconvenience of a splash screen that they didn't want to see.

So if you're looking for quality web design, get in touch. We'll discuss with you your requirements and budget and come up with some designs for your approval If you've already got photos and images that you want to use in your site, then we can use those. or alternatively we can design any logos or images that you need and take photos where required.