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Choosing a domain name

There are numerous domain suffixes - the bit at the end. If possible go for  Domains ending in were originally intended for non-profit organisations but are often used when the domain is not available. It's best to avoid .biz and .info  and  All domains are registered for a minimum of two years. You should expect to pay about £3.50 a year. Domains ending in .com cost around £10 and are registered for a minimum of just one year at a time. Uunless you are a multinational organisation or a big brand, is best for businesses in the UK market.

There are two main options with domain names - either to use keywords in your domain name eg or to use your brand name eg Each of these styles has their own advantages. Using keywords will probably help you rank well for those keywords (this is just one of many factors in getting a good ranking). On the other hand you might want to use a website in buiding brand awreness.

You may find that the domain name you want is already taken. An alternative option is to use dashes between words in your domain name. Always go for the no-dashes version if it's available. It looks better, is easier for people to remember a the dashed version in a keyword rich domain name such as "" will not rank as highly as the non-dashed version.