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Obtaining Links

Links are good - generally! Whilst some in the SEO field are saying that the day of link building as an SEO strategy is at an end, others still feel that links are good. Anyway, if you discount search engines, links from other sites will always be a good way of getting visitors to your site.

Getting links is hard work - here are some strategies:

1. Submit to general directories.

2. See if there are directories specific to your sector and submit to them

3. Start a blog and link it to your site

4. Submit worthwhile comments at other blogs, including a link

5. Find relevant sites in your sector and email the owner and ask for a reciprocal link. A personal email rather than an automated "I was browsing the internet and found your site..." one

6. Find websites similar to yours and see what backlinks they've got

6. Write some articles for ezinearticles, articlealley etc

7. Setup a squidoo account and make a lens

8. Use links in signatures on forums where aloud

9. Avoid anything spammy!