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Search Engine Optimization

There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to ensure that your site is "search engine friendly". First of all ensure that the code used is clean and correct. Secondly you need to make sure that the site makes use of meta tags correctly and effectively. Every page should use the title tag, description tag and heading tags. These tags are there to help the search engines so it's best to use them!

Make sure that you don't have the same title and description tags for each page. On this site, we shouldn't put "Design Shuffle" as the title of every page. Rather this page's title should be "search engine optimization. Most people feel 3 to 5 words is ideal. The description tag should be more than just a list of keywords, but rather a phrase of not more than 150 characters that describes your site eg "search engine optimisation can boost your search ranking - here's how". The description will be used by search engines, but also will usually be seen in the search results.

Finally make sure you use important keywords in the text body. Ask yourself - if i was searching for the product or service I provide, what would i type in to Google? It might also be asking friends and colleagues for their thoughts too.

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